Saturday, 20 April 2013

Preparations, preparations, and more preparations.

So... There's 1 week to go until I head to the beautiful island of St. Maarten and bask in the sun and beach-y waters of the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino!!

Of course, once there I will be heading to the island of Saba via ferry and attending Saba University School of Medicine as a first semester student!

Although I have been preparing for the past 2 months, I never realized how many last minute details and things need to be done. For example: I'm still stuck on which health insurance to purchase (I know! I haven't bought it yet! Ah! The only thing bothering me is the cancellation of my provincial healthcare insurance, I don't know if I can sacrifice that?

Today I begin packing. I will keep you posted on how well that goes and how much luggage I intend to take. I am an 'over-packer' for sure so I'll try to limit the things I take. Hopefully someone reads this... feel free to comment if you do so I know that I'm not just talking to

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