Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Let's Get it Started.

So I read a blog online about one person's journey through medical school. I was totally inspired and decided to start my own blog too. Hopefully in the course of my medical school career I can use this blog as an inspiration to both myself and other students!

I've applied to a Caribbean Medical School and I'm starting soon, in May! The excitement is there, but it's being masked right now by my nerves - the fear of the unknown and moving to a new place across the world.

I know, I know what everyone says - that it's not advisable - it's against most odds that people who attend Caribbean medical schools succeed - they rarely achieve residency positions in the USA let alone Canada - it's a tough life - it's difficult to adjust to island life - it's a hassle for no reason. I've heard it all. But I made this decision based on one thought, that at the very least I should give myself a chance.

Never give up.

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